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Tim's Musings

Tim's Musings

April 21, 2021

Goal Oriented, "Secular" mindset

The extreme political polarizations the last couple presidency's has been a challenge, more importantly, our culture's dysfunctions remind me to have YOUR goals as my priority, and to be "secular" minded with openness to where current opportunities exist no matter the headlines.

Hence, my "Value" proposition is to understand, respect, and act on your values, your goals, and your preferences where they contribute to the co-created goals of your financial plans.

I enjoy and serve a variety of moderate, conservative, AND progressive clients and how you've tailored your lives according to what's important, it is an honor to be introduced, come to appreciate you, and then get to work making your goals happen!

My braces are gone, and I now have a smile without reservation that I'm very pleased with....I now look back and conclude, each adjustment, every adaptation and sacrifice I made, was all worth it!  Our financial plans also can take time and many, many incremental adjustments to reach your goal!

Tim Riley