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Tim's Musings

Tim's Musings

April 23, 2021

Quark is a Star Trek character who at his core, is someone who always finds a way to make a profit while his internal character and relationships evolve.  I can relate!

And I love the writers representing in Quark some of the best of "capitalism" as an expression of human nature.

An early Star Trek episode is described as showing:

"that capitalism and trading are not systems, really, but the financial expression of human nature.

Figuring out how to swap two things in a way that leaves both parties better off is the basis of all trade and of all economies.

It is a natural outgrowth of humanity and is present in every society....Writing believable humans without capitalism is next to impossible."

It was cool to see the progression from his being all consumed with profit to later evolving to a being measuring success by his relationship connections and his  heartfelt compassion while always being one creating win win's with a profit!

That's my role to some extent.

And after my 30+ years in finances, I've adapted to and overcome several long term market cycles, "now" is certainly different just like songs using the same notes sound so different.

I'm somewhat apolitical and opportunistic in deploying your assets in line with YOUR goals to sustain the values and lifestyle you enjoy!

Yes, this makes me secular, which is an important attribute in a hyper polarized politically and culturally charged world.

Like Quark, who was no conformist, hold your deepest felt values close and let's keep pursuing your dreams no matter the macro/societal gyrations.

"It's like I said, the more things change, the more they stay the same." - Quark to Morn; the last words said in the series