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Our Valuing You and Your Vision

Welcome to my favorite part!

Mastering the personal finance basics feels good for sure!  And its easier than suffering money mistakes!  That’s why I celebrate budgeting, paying off debt, funding homeschooling early and college education later, and embrace the life affirming building blocks of a bright financial picture.

That’s a long way though from your core reasons for financial plans, isn’t it?  Haven’t you and I both found that what comes from our hearts and our strongest feelings is the reason behind such stodgy topics as budgets and asset allocation?

Being clear on who you are and your goals is transformative to how we navigate financial decisions. 

There’s power in aligning your finances with your values!

What are your long-term goals?  And why?  I really want to know and understand what’s important to you, your family, your service to the world, and what’s important as a legacy you intend to leave behind.

I can guide you in bringing forward your core beliefs as operational in your planning, and together co-create how to practice values based lifestyle that satisfies not just your financial security but also what is meaningful to you.

Dig Deep: What Really Matters to You?

Our journey together begins with getting clear on what you want and why you want it.

Then matching your actions, your behavior, my best practices and my customized solutions, to your goals.

You may find that you’ve been living other people’s values instead of your own.

And you could realize there are decisions within your reach to further what really matters to you, and I’d like to facilitate your decision making with good information, best financial solutions customized to you and your life, and a bit of coaching along the way if you fall short or need a reminder of your why for what you’ve planned.

Let’s say you deeply value adventure and travel. A values-led approach may involve using some of your additional income to pad your travel fund before splitting the rest between your emergency savings and retirement account. This way, you’re saving for what matters to you most and also responsibly planning for the future. In other words, it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.

Sharing this value with your partner will help them understand your desire and be more supportive of getting on board with financial planning so you can move forward together as a team.

Make Your Financial Dreams a Reality

Some down-the-road financial goals are a no-brainer, like saving for retirement. But staying motivated seems tougher when the goal feels super abstract or downright impersonal to us. Again, leading with your values helps bridge that gap. From there, it’s about breaking big goals into bite-sized chunks, then working toward the finish line little by little.

Whether your dream is to sock money away to retire abroad or save up for unpaid parental leave in order to start a family, one truth remains—you’re more likely to succeed if you create a monthly savings target that you treat as a line item on your budget. The idea is to make your efforts automatic and routine.

All that really matters is that you’re working toward personalized goals that feel right to you. If they’re bolstered up by your values, you’re more likely to stay the course.

Let’s talk, in 10 years as a Chaplain and 25 years a financial planner, I am continuously fascinated as well as awed by how clients both with modest means and eye popping affluence attain confidence as well as competence when we listen deeply and act from our core values.