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Tax Planning

Making Life Less Taxing For You

We are happy to accommodate your tax return process to suit you and your specific needs. Please call us to schedule an office appointment, phone appointment or just send us your documentation and we will take care of you. We continually log hundreds of continuing education hours and are always reviewing our processes and procedures to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Express Tax Preparation Procedures for Mail-In or Drop-Off Tax Returns

This program has been set-up for our clients that are busy and well organized, but prefer not to spend time with an in-office interview. It is also a means by which our clients who don't live close enough for an office appointment to continue to use our services.

Here's how it works:

  1. Complete the tax organizer as you normally would. Remember these are the similar questions to what you would be asked in the office interview. Sign the engagement letter/privacy policy.
  2. Either drop off, mail, fax or email the completed Organizer/Questionnaire along with any tax documents needed to complete your return. For your convenience we have included a checklist of items that may pertain to your situation.
  3. Upon receipt of your materials we will review your information, organize the data and call you to schedule a follow-up interview if needed.

We welcome and encourage you to send your tax documents and organizer as soon as you have them complete. To help assure that your return is completed by the IRS Tax deadline, we must have your data no later than March 31st.

We welcome your feedback, suggestions or comments. We appreciate your business!

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